Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

GA Insurance Limited is one of the oldest insurance companies operating in Kenya specializing in all classes of general and medical insurance.

Exceptional and professional service standards

  • Our offices will be open 8:30 – 5.15pm Monday to Friday
  • We will provide prompt, and efficient customer service and at all times remain professional
  • We will provide you with accurate and consistent information
  • We will be realistic about what we can do and in what time frames

Provide timely response

  • We will respond to Phone Calls Immediately and within 24 hours in case of further engagement
  • We will attend to Quote requests within 24 hours
  • We will respond to Website & Social media queries within 5 minutes
  • We will attend to Walk in clients within 10 minutes
  • We will respond to Email queries within 24 hours

Excellent integration with our clients

  • We will see clients/visitors within 10 minutes of your arrival or tell you if it is going to take longer
  • We will write to you in clear, concise language that is easily understood
  • We will respond to all emails within 24hrs or inform you if it is going to take longer
  • We will provide a 24-hour/7 days a week telephone service for health insurance
  • We will answer telephones within three (3) rings
  • We will listen to you and discuss your requirements fully

Collect feedback for continuous improvement

  1. We will regularly consult customers to find out how satisfied they are with the level of service we provide and how we can improve
  2. If you want to make a complaint about something we have done, or failed to do, please let us know straight away
  3. If we are doing something wrong, please tell us. This will give us a chance to put things right.