Solid Reinsurance Support

Solid Reinsurance Support

GA Life’s Solid Reinsurance Support

One of our greatest strengths lies in our re-insurance programs, designed to give us adequate protection and provide us with large underwriting and quick claims paying capacities. Our group’s reinsurance programs are led by globally acclaimed reinsurance companies with excellent credit ratings, as follows:

Zep (PTA) Re, Hannover Re, Africa Re, East Africa Re, Kenya Re, Bharat Re.

GA Life’s Investments:

Pooled Investments: All retirement scheme funds are invested in a “pool basis” thereby giving a significant benefit of large numbers to pull in better investment returns.

Long term Investments: The consolidated pooled retirement’s funds are invested in long term assets which yield better return than short-medium term investments.

Guaranteed Investments: All scheme funds are 100% capital guaranteed and have a minimum guaranteed investment rate of return of 4%.

Risk vs. Return: GA Life is fully cognizant of different risk profiles of its clients and accordingly GA Life’s investment policy is robust and always maintains an overall medium level risk so that scheme funds are always capital protected and earn a market competitive investment returns without taking undue risks

Above market-average returns: GA Life has declared an avg. NET investment return of 13.75% FY2013 & FY2014 on the guaranteed retirement funds it manages on behalf of its client.