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Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance

Fire & Perils Insurance Cover protects your property against loss or damage by fire and perils such as lightning, Earthquake, Riot & Strike/malicious damage, explosions, etc

Fire and Perils

Fire Insurance cover in Kenya will provide cover for damage or destruction to insured property by Fire, lightning, or explosion of domestic appliances.

The Fire & perils  Insurance policy in Kenya is an extension of the basic cover and will extend to include the following additional covers:- Riot & strike, malicious damage, explosion, special perils, earthquake & bush-fire

Fire arises from various insured perils and causes damage to assets. The fire insurance cover issued by GA covers fire damage brought about by perils of nature such as earthquake, floods, storm, tempests, and lightning to name but a few.

Covered social perils including riot, strike civil commotion, and malicious damage such as arson. Other causes of fire are electrical faults and explosions. Property may suffer loss from aerial falling objects such as aircraft.
The fire insurance policy is suitable to cover business assets such as buildings, stocks in trade, work in progress, contents, plant, and machinery.
Fire is indiscriminate and devours anything in its path once it starts and hence the sum insured has to be appropriate and commensurate with the risk that the insured is exposed to.

What is Required For Fire Insurance Cover Quote:

  • Your occupation
  • Values of your property
  • Type of construction of the building
  • Location of your property

Who Needs Fire Insurance Cover in Kenya?

  • Restaurants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Manufacturing Industries




  • Buildings
  • Furniture and office Equipment and machinery
  • Stock in trade


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