Motor claims process

Motor claims process

Management of Motor Claims

On the happening of any event or incident that may lead to a loss occurrence the same is to be notified to GA immediately. The procedure for the same is detailed below:

  • Immediate loss notification to GA on email address or
  • GA acknowledges each and every claim notification and advises the client on the claim reference number.
  • The response from GA may list the requisite documents required for progressing the claim. To hasten the registration and processing of claims the under noted documents will in all cases be required:
    • A filled Motor Accident Claim Form
    • A Police Abstract Report,
    • Copy of Drivers Driving License and
    • A Repair Estimate

There are three types of claims that will be expected namely:

  1. Accidental (Own) Damage Claims
  2. Theft Claims
  3. Liability Claims

Accidental (Own) Damage Claims

  • In all instances the repair works for insured vehicle will be done at GA’s approved repair shops or the dealers whom we have signed service level agreement (SLA).
  • Upon submission of above claim supporting documents, GA will review the claim together with the repair estimate and may appoint an Assessor. GA will authorize the repairer/dealer to proceed with repair work once in receipt of the Assessors report. The repair authority will be issued to the garage and copied to the intermediary/client.
  • GA will engage the repairer/dealer further if there’s need to review the estimate before authorization.
  • Repairer/dealer conducts the repair work within the agreed timeframe and simultaneously informs GA and the client when the vehicle is ready for collection.
  • GA issues a release letter to the garage and to the client to collect the vehicle from the garage/dealer
  • Excess amount will be required to be paid by the client where applicable before issuance of the release letter.
  • Repairer/dealer submits their invoice as per the repair estimate to GA for settlement.
  • GA makes payment to the repairer within the agreed timelines and credit terms.

Theft Claims

  • Loss reported to GA by the insured/intermediary.
  • The following claim supporting documents will be required:
    • Filled Motor Theft Claim Form
    • Police Abstract report on the loss.
    • Copy of the log book
  • GA reviews the claim and appoints an Investigator to confirm the loss.
  • Once in receipt of the investigator report and if in order, GA makes Total loss offer to the insured less applicable theft excess. Otherwise, further enquiry may be conducted to ascertain the loss before making an offer.
  • The insured submits requested documents of title to GA as per the offer letter.
  • GA issues a Discharge Voucher to the insured for signing once in receipt of the documents of title from the insured.
  • The Total Loss offer Discharge Voucher is dully executed by Insured and submitted to GA for payment processing. Insured’s bank details will be required for amounts above 1m.
  • Upon receipt of above documents, GA will make payment to the insured within 7 working days.

Liability Claims

  • GA may consider investigating the claim depending on the circumstances of the incident to ascertain; liability, persons injured, degree and nature of injuries suffered, deceased dependents and deceased next of kin if fatal injury.
  • GA may require additional information such as Insured’s internal investigation report
  • GA will process the liability claim inconsideration of the investigator’s findings.

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