Non-motor claims process

Non-motor claims process


  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Fire (Domestic, Commercial)
  • Liability
  • Marine
  • Group / Personal Accident
  • Theft (Burglary, Money, Fidelity Guarantee, Banker’s Blanket, Good in Transit)
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Miscellaneous (All Risk, Golfers, Plate Glass, Travel, Pet Insurance)


Download the non-motor claims process document below:



1.Events giving rise to the claim
This may be an insured loss event, often provokes a discussion between the insured and insurer as to whether the event is a circumstance worthy of notification.

2. Claim Notification
Is when insured or insureds representatives (agents or brokers) reports the claim to GA Insurance Ltd in the prescribed format (by phone, email, claim forms etc.)

The purpose is to enable us to take steps to investigate the claim (or occurrences of which might give rise to the claim) in order to minimize its exposure under the policy.

Notification ought to be done immediately through GA Insurance Ltd email address:

3. Claim Review
Reviewing the claim involves analysing the claim in light of:

  • The amounts involved
  • Proposal form
  • Exact terms of the policy
  • Market practice

4.Response to Claimant
The insurer’s first response to the insured may be an acknowledgement, request for more information/documentation and claim estimate.

5. Claim Investigation
In order to establish facts surrounding the claim, it may be necessary to instruct an investigator or loss adjuster to undertake further investigations.

6. Claim Negotiation & Settlement
Armed with the full facts of the case along with supportive documentation, a settlement offer is made. Settlement proposal will be shared in the form of a discharge voucher for Insured’s execution and return for settlement.

7. Claim Recoveries
Following payment of the claim, often the insurer under subrogation rights will be able to recover all or part of the outlay from other sources e.g. negligent third parties, reinsurers etc.

8. Review of Performance
Reviews are normally carried out in respect of a sample of outstanding/closed files, or any particular problematic claims.

This is important in order to ensure that service standards are maintained, internal decisions were correctly made, adequacy in reserving and lessons learnt can be incorporated in our Claims Management philosophy.

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